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| Mr. Xu Hui and Mr. Cui Guoyou were invited to attend the 2023 Academic Annual Meeting of the Architectural Society of China and the Fourth Zhengzhou International Urban Design Conference and give keynote speeches

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From September 21 to 23,2023 Academic Annual Meeting of the Architectural Society of China and the fourth Zhengzhou International Urban Design ConferenceHeld in Zheng。There are more than 2,000 academicians, experts and scholars, university teachers and students, and media representatives from the national and international architectural circlesGather together to exchange, share and discuss the latest academic theories, innovative technologies and practical results of architectural design and urban design。


The conference was organized by Architectural Society of China, Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Henan Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government, with the theme of "People's Feelings, Responsibility of The Times". The contents include: opening ceremony, keynote speech,18 thematic sub-forums, 3 thematic exhibitions such as the 70th anniversary exhibition of the Institute, and a series of activities such as the World Congress of Architects participation sharing session。

Standing director of the Association Xu Hui, chairman of Xu Hui Design Co., LTDInvited to attend and attend the academic salon on residential design innovation and Development of "Living Livable · Living for the People", and shared the theme in the special forum of "Me and My City - Follow the architect Citywalk to see 'Update'"。

Forum overview

 The forum of "Living Livable and living for the People" focused on the key work deployment of the current national housing and urban and rural construction cause on "letting the people live in better houses" and "improving the quality of housing"。A number of experts and scholars from China Construction Science, Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Southwest Institute of China Construction and Beijing Construction Institute were invited to give keynote speeches。

"Me and My City - see 'Renewal' with architect Citywalk"论坛Focusing on injecting more humanistic emotions into urban renewal, we look at the city from a multi-dimensional perspective, measure the city with new concepts, walk into different cities under the guidance of 4 industry experts, feel the urban changes under the renewal action, and bring people a better life experience。Listen to the architect's hometown, enter the unique memory of the city, and explore the multiple aspects of the future of Chinese cities。



"Live a livable life and live for the people"Academic salon dialogue scene

In addition, Mr. Xu Hui asTen senior chief architects of national residential building design specially invited by Architectural Society of ChinaOne, seven residential design works (Jinsha East Courtyard, Tianyue, No. 1 Courtyard, Yongwei Shanghe County, Shanghe Courtyard, etc.) were exhibited in the "Living Livable · Settling down for the People: 70 Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Housing in the 2000s-2020s"。

Standing director of the Association Cui, chairman of Wufang Construction Technology Group国游Invited to attend and share the theme in the "Zero-carbon Building Technology System Research and Demonstration" forum。

Forum overview

本次"Zero-carbon Building Technology System Research and Demonstration"The forum aims to promote the construction field from dual control of energy consumption to dual control of carbon emissions, and provide scientific and technological leadership, technology and industrial support for the development of zero-carbon buildings。The forum was presided over by Zhang Shicong, secretary-general of the Zero Energy Building Academic Committee of the Architectural Society of China, and more than 200 scientific and technological workers from the industry participated in the exchange。


Chairman Cui Guoyou shared the theme of "Zero carbon Building and zero carbon energy use",How to respond to the national dual carbon major strategic deployment,On the basis of ultra-low energy building standards,Actively promote the implementation and promotion of zero-carbon buildings and zero-carbon industrial parks,And continue to enrich the technical system,Develop and market key materials and equipment,Strengthen the research and application of "light storage straight and soft",To realize the optimal allocation and on-site consumption of renewable energy,Achieve flexible interconnection with the power grid,Building a new power system。The report will be combined with the actual engineering case analysis, and put forward the prospect of future development。

At this point, the three-day annual gathering of Chinese architectural circles came to a successful end。This conference brings together the top experts and scholars in the industry, is one of the most influential academic activities in the field of architecture, and is a feast of knowledge and innovation。

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